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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Fear Interference

We have an old garage door opener. Old – and by old I mean ancient – analog switches and the whole nine. 

So, we weren't too surprised when the remotes stopped working.  Well, one stopped working completely and the other I had to take apart and press the button on the circuit board to make it work.

You can’t even get the original remotes anymore. But they do make one that they say is compatible. Fingers crossed, I ordered the replacements and we nursed along with what we began referring to as the “ghetto remote” while we waited for the new ones to arrive.

A few days passed and the replacement remotes appeared on our doorstep.  I stood in our kitchen just inside the entrance to the garage and set the analog switches to match the code on the opener, pressed the button on the new remote and bam! – the garage door went up.  Cool, so we’re done here right?


My husband goes to an early meeting the next day while I’m still sleeping. I wake to a text message from him that says, “My garage door opener doesn't work.”  Fabulous.

I get up, go immediately to the garage (because I am certain my husband simply doesn't understand how to operate the new remote) and try the remote in my car - nothing – the door doesn't budge.  Seriously? How could it work fine the previous evening and not work the next day??

I still had the ghetto remote in my car, so I try that one and the door goes right up. 

My conclusion? Something has to be wrong with the new remotes.

I climb up on the step ladder with the new remote in hand and discover that if the remote is within 5 inches of the receiver, it works.  Move it a foot or more away and nothing.  Fantastic.

We spend the next week getting by with the ghetto remote while I research every possible website, owner’s manual, spec sheet, schematic, and help line I can find. 

Each attempt is more frustrating than the last as everything points to the fact that the new remotes SHOULD work. But they still don’t.

I find one manufacturer’s forum that says some sort of frequency interference could be the only thing to cause the remotes to work next to the receiver but not at a distance.  Their solution? Find the source of the interference and eliminate it. It could be anything they say – cable tv signal, CFL bulbs, your neighbor’s microwave….etc. Great – thanks for that.

Now we’re frustrated to the point that we’re ready to go to the expense of replacing the entire garage door opener unit, even though there couldn't be a worse time for that financially.

I find myself being grateful that we have the ghetto remote until we can figure something out.  It may be old and decrepit, and the little red light on it stays on half the time, but at least it allows things to function. Good thing we held on to it or we’d be completely screwed.

The following day tragedy strikes.  I leave home on an errand; shut the garage door with the ghetto remote, and it falls apart in my hand.  The wire running from the battery to the circuit board breaks completely off and would have to be soldered back in place in order to work. Noooooo!

Lovely. Now I’m certain our only option is to replace the entire opener unit. 

I do my errand, and return home. Dejectedly, I glance at the two new remotes on the kitchen table.

Worth a try, I think to myself. I press the button on one of the new remotes and the garage door immediately opens.

I walk out to the end of the driveway, press the button, the door closes.

It was in this moment that I realized that the precious ghetto remote I had kept in my car and clung to as my safety net was emitting enough of a signal to interfere with the new remotes.  Once that connection was broken, everything worked like a dream.

I felt incredibly dumb. I created a problem that didn't need to exist simply because I didn't chuck the old remote. Why didn't I trust that the upgrade would be fine?

The answer is it was mostly fear.  Fear that if I gave up the old thing the new one wouldn't be as good or work for me in the way I wanted.

Sort of like life, right?

How often is it that we desperately want things to change, but we are too afraid to let go of where we are now?

We keep dragging our old ways of being, old relationships that no longer serve us, old conflicts, old fears along with us and we wonder why things don’t shift as quickly as we would like.

You can spend all kinds of time working on shifting your vibration, raising your frequency, aligning yourself with the things that you want to manifest, but until you release those old, heavier things that aren't a match to your new lighter frequency, the interference will hold you back.

When you can cut those old cords, snip those old wires, release that old baggage, then the doors can open for you.  Even ancient garage doors ;-)